Wednesday 8 September 2010

Surveying the field

The top priority task is to conduct an initial survey of the proposed deployment area. This was carried out today at the site using a simple theodolite, tape and survey stick... backed up with a GPS receiver! During the survey, a number of set positions were used. This photograph shows the theodolite set up at the primary position.

During the surveying work a number of reindeer passed by to see what we were doing!

Looking across the theodolite, there is a nice view of the area where the low-frequency array could possibly be deployed. One of the survey team can be seen holding the 5-metre survey stick.

Test site at Kilpisjärvi

Although we are confident that the antennas will resist the harsh Arctic conditions, it is necessary to conduct some 'winter tests' with real hardware, in order to prove our assessment. Therefore, on the proposed site, we will deploy two 'test tiles'. These will be left over the winter and occasional checks will be made to evaluate their condition.

However, before the tiles can be deployed, it is necessary to survey the proposed area. Here are a few photographs of the site. In the first, the rocky area in the foreground is where the array is likely to be deployed.

In the next image, there is another view across the site. And, of course, there is another glimpse of some of the spectacular surrounding scenery.