Saturday 10 March 2012

Snow posts

Around the edge of the site, there is some pretty rugged terrain. No doubt for those who were regularly following this web log last year, you will have seen some of the rocky ledges, dips and gullies and other treacherous obstacles. Of course, if you cover this with snow, then it becomes even more dangerous.

At the end of autumn 2011, before the snow became too deep, we went around the site and marked out some of the landscape features with snow posts.

These are made of PVC pipe, that is flexible and can move if hit by severe drifts. They also stand quite tall (which should give you an idea of how deep we could expect some snow falls!). They are also not dangerous if accidentally run into by a vehicle or person. Each one is bright orange for easy visibility against the snow and are taped with reflective strips making them easier to spot in the deep Arctic night.

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