Tuesday 27 November 2012

Ode to the coffee machine

Our trusty double nozzled source of energy.


First there was a big bang
Then galaxies formed and
upon one planet
around a small sun...

There was a land, where
the sacred beans did grow
Ethiopia, (or Kenya or Peru)
We don't care!

Oh wondrous artefact
thou takest our beans,
gently roasted,
meticulously ground.

With the pure spring water
Clear and copper free
highest pressure
near to boiling

And thou blasts the water
and the sacred beans
together as would a
particle accelerator

Elemental magic
Air, earth, fire and coffee
The drink of power
Sleeps bane

The rites performed
in the graveyard shift

And thus extracts
the nectar of the gods
the beverage of the scientists
the fuel of the equations

We pause, as we who sip thy acrid concoction
feeling the rush of the blood and
palpitations of the heart
encouraged and inspired

We are brave now
ready to face another day
another boring meeting
another line of code

Photo by J. Vierinen, text by J. Vierinen and D. McKay

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