Tuesday 29 January 2013

Seminar on the riometer application

On behalf of our reseach team*, I'd like to show a few slides on the recent development of KAIRA as a multi-frequency riometer with a title 

"Electron density height profiles derived from a broad-band riometer"

Photo by Sami Kero
Thursday, 31 January 2013,  
2 pm (Finnish local time) at SGO. That is 12 UTC for all our friends abroad.

The plan is to stream the presentation here
 for anyone to follow. Just login as "guest" and type your name in it.

See also earlier posts related to the topic here and here.
Welcome, physically or virtually,

*Antti Kero, Juha Vierinen, Derek McKay-Bukowski, Carl-Fredrik Enell, Malefia Sinor, Lassi Roininen, Yasunobu Ogawa

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