Thursday 3 March 2011

Crossing borders

KAIRA will be built at Kilpisjärvi (hence the name!). If you have had a look at the map where this is, you will see it is not far from the international border between Norway and Finland.

Ignoring the border guards and customs station for the time being, the crossing into Norway is marked simply and to the point. 'Norge' (which is Norwegian for Norway, of course). The long road then heads on to the distant towns of Skibotn and Lyngen.

Going the other way, you are entering Finland (written in Finnish, English and Sami language) and, of course, this is shown in the livery of the European Union. After all, this is border not just with Finland, but with the entire of the EU.

The settlement of Kilpisjärvi itself is not far from the border, so there is not far to go once you've entered Finland.

However, not far away from the crossing point is the original border marker.

It is nice to see this old border marker from a bygone era.

(Note: I took these photographs at the height of summer 2006. Of course at the time I'm posting this weblog entry, these vistas are completely white.)

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