Thursday 5 April 2012

Prototype LBA platforms

As we did with the HBA platform in 2010, we also decided to try out several different prototypes of the LBA antenna platforms in 2011. This is mainly because the terrain at the planned location for the LBA field is even more unstable than the land under the HBA field. In the end, we ended up with three different prototypes. The wintering of these prototypes will tell us about the ground movements caused by permafrost, and also give us some experience on the rigidity of these designs. 

Earlier on, this approach was also investigated by modeling the effect of the raised ground mesh to the single element beam pattern. 

1.0 Simple platform reminiscent of the HBA platform. 

2.0. Turnable ground plane and three height adjustable legs. 

3.0 Turnable ground plane, anchored and adjustable legs. 

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