Wednesday 22 August 2012

Shipping lane

The Three-Corner-Cairn -- Treriksröset (in Swedish), Treriksrøysa (in Norwegian), Kolmen valtakunnan rajapyykki (in Finnish) -- is the point at which the borders of Sweden, Norway and Finland meet. It is a pleasant walk from near where KAIRA itself is, across by Pikku Malla and along the northern shores of Kilpisajärvi to the Norwegian border.

However, there is an alternative route during the summer. One can take a boat across Kilpisajärvi and then follow the trail up past Kuohkamijärvi to Koltajärvi, which is where the Three-Corner-Cairn is located. This photograph was taken by one of the ASTRON engineers during a brief time off during the HBA commissioning in July.

The return trip across Kilpisjärvi. (Photo: H. Meulman)

Although there are a few small dingheys, this is the only boat of any reasonable size on the entire lake. However on the tourist map by the side of the lake, there is a dashed line showing the path that it takes and, in the English subtitle, it is labelled "Shipping Lane"!

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