Tuesday 16 July 2013

Returning to the cool north

Having been away from Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory (SGO) for the past few weeks for meetings and conferences, it has been bliss to return to the cool north. My last port of call had been the United Kingdom, which had been suffering something of a heatwave. Where I was, the temperature made it into the low 30s (celsius). While that might not be hot for some, or lovely and warm for others, it is certainly too hot for me. Far too hot.

So it has been lovely to return to the Arctic and find beautiful grey skies, light rain and (to my tastes) what is a pleasant temperature (10-15 oC). So, today's image is from the real-time temperature monitor at the SGO institute.

My idea of warm weather.

The real-time data are available online from: http://www.sgo.fi/Data/RealTime/temperature.php

PS:  Apparently there was a light snow-fall at Kilpisjärvi last week... and I missed it!  :-(

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