Tuesday 2 July 2013


SpacePy is a package for Python specifically for those working in the space sciences. It provides a set of tools which build on the well-established NumPy and MatPlotLib packages, to make data analysis, modelling and visualisation easier. The project web site lists the following benefits of this toolkit:
  • Quickly obtain data
  • Create publications quality plots
  • Perform complicated analysis easily
  • Run common empirical models
  • Change coordinates effortlessly
  • Harness the power of Python

To quote further from the SpacePy website:
"The SpacePy project seeks to promote accurate and open research standards by providing an open environment for code development. In the space physics community there has long been a significant reliance on proprietary languages that restrict free transfer of data and reproducibility of results. By providing a comprehensive, open-source library of widely-used analysis and visualization tools in a free, modern and intuitive language, we hope that this reliance will be diminished."
More details are available from the SpacePy website at:  http://spacepy.lanl.gov/

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