Sunday 8 September 2013

Millstone Hill Digital Acquisition System Mini (MIDAS-Mini)

Today I cabled up the new MIDAS-Mini system that Frank Lind and I are putting together at MIT Haystack. This is a suitcase sized shock mounted rack that contains four USRP N200 devices, an octoclock (gps stabilized oscillator and a 1 PPS + 10 MHz clock splitter), and a 1 U server computer.  The computer is fast enough to simultaneously record four 25 MHz wide bands of data, which will be very useful. The box is small and rugged enough to be transported on an airplane.

We currently have two such racks, and there are plans to build more at a later point. With multiple boxes it is possible to get even more channels, and it is possible to chain the clock together to act as  4Nx4N MIMO systems.
Yeah, the cabling sucks. I just wanted to get my testing and calibration routines running. This will be cleaned up.

More cabling mess. 

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