Monday 4 August 2014

KAIRA Egg-Timer Panoramas

Previously, we wrote about a 360° panoramic time-lapse film we made using an egg timer. For the photo above, we wanted to combine all 360 images (one per degree of roation) into one large panorama. This meant to cut from every photo a tiny narrow centre slice and to combine these into one large image. If you look carefully, you can make out the stripes.

On the next day, the weather was much nicer, and we repeated the egg-timer photography. However, due to the GoPro fully automatic exposure settings, and the variable lighting due to fast moving clouds and the bright Sun, it was not possible to make a nice pan-lapse out of these photos, and as you can see, the stripiness is much more pronounced in this image, even though the blue sky is very nice of course.

You can click on the above images to get larger versions.

Original photos and panoramas: Thomas Ulich.

A related article was published on the MiVyoo blog.

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