Thursday 21 August 2014

LBA aerials

KAIRA has 48 low-band antenna (LBA) aerials. These were designed by ASTRON (the Netherlands Foundation for Radio Astronomy). The arrangement of the aerials looks pretty random, but in actual fact it has been carefully chosen to give a good beam-pattern for the radio telescope. Each aerial comprises a steel grid which acts as a ground plane for the aerial. The post is PVC (starting to fade in places due to UV-light exposure) and the black cap at the top contains the low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) - one for each polarisation.

The wires that extend from the cap to the corners of the ground planes are the antenna wires. The form crossed inverted-V dipoles, giving good all-sky sensitivity. Actually the wire part only goes about halfway down. The lower part is either nylon line or elastic, which is used to hold the aerial in place.

Low-Band Antenna (LBA) at KAIRA. (Photo: D. McKay-Bukowski)

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