Thursday 11 September 2014

EISCAT_3D Preparatory Phase

This week, we have the last general meeting of the preparatory phase for EISCAT_3D. This project is the next-generation incoherent scatter radar, which will be built in northern Fenno-Scandinavia and, perhaps, beyond. It is an ambitious project, which involved many participants from multiple countries. And, as this particular phase of the project is completed, we are meeting at the Space Physics Institute in Kiruna, Sweden, to discuss the work done, report on the progress made and make plans for the future of this important scientific instrument.

KAIRA has been heavily involved in the project. Although a large multi-purpose facility, capable of carrying out multiple receive-type experiments, it has been used specifically to test certain aspects of the EISCAT_3D proposal. Its deployment garnered useful experience in practical matters regarding the development of a new site and the utilisation and integration of commercially available components within the context of Arctic location and cross-disciplinary application. We have also used KAIRA for new signal processing techniques, such as allowing the lag-profile inversion, and thus accomplishing multibeam, remote-location reception of the EISCAT VHF transmitter signal. This is a critically important step in the construction and operation of \EISCAT for multi-beam, multi-static incoherent scatter radar, and thus true 3D volumetric ionospheric measurement. The KAIRA facility remains operational for on-going EISCAT development and prototyping endeavours.

Undoubtedly, KAIRA will continue to be involved in EISCAT work, and specifically the EISCAT_3D developments. But as this particular part of the project is accomplished, we want to note our involvement and wish the EISCAT Scientific Association all the best for their future goals.

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