Monday 11 April 2011

Arctic photographers

There have been a number of people involved in the photographic documentation of the project. Apart from the author of this post, other members of the KAIRA team have contributed a number of photographs of the project... mostly from the installation of the test tiles. Also, as we saw recently, there was a special site inspection by Tero Raita (who was responsible for the stunning photographs in the glorious late-March sunshine). Obviously, we are indebted to him and all the others from SGO & FMI who have helped us with this.

However, throughout the winter we have been receiving weekly updates, photographs and reports. Although these have been processed and published by the KAIRA team at SGO, we must admit that the usual person who braves the not-so-pleasant Arctic weather to take those photographs and check the site is Oula Kalttopää from the Kilpisjärvi Biological Station, which is run by the University of Helsinki. A quick search on Oula's name reveals that the KAIRA project are not the only ones he has assisted over the years. And we want to add our name to those who appreciate his assistance in our project.


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