Saturday 30 April 2011

LOFAR station FI609

KAIRA has been given an official LOFAR station designation: FI609.

All LOFAR stations have 5-character designations, which are used in the computer software as a shorthand to identify the station. For the Dutch stations, the first two characters are either: CS or RS for Core Station and Remote Station, respectively. For the international stations, the first two letters are a designation of the country in which the station is located.

The number that follows is the ID number. All international stations are in the 600s-range.
  • LOFAR DE601 — Effelsberg, Germany
  • LOFAR DE602 — Unterweilenbach, Germany
  • LOFAR DE603 — Tautenburg, Germany
  • LOFAR DE604 — Potsdam, Germany
  • LOFAR DE605 — Jülich, Germany
  • LOFAR FR606 — Nançay, France
  • LOFAR SE607 — Onsala, Sweden
  • LOFAR UK608 — Chilbolton, United Kingdom

And now we can proudly add:
  • LOFAR FI609 — Kilpisjärvi, Finland

All we have to do now, is get it built! (More on that next week)

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