Thursday 14 June 2012

Installing the summators

To install the summators, the HBA tiles must be opened up.

The team peel back a cover and remove one of the cell lids. (Photo credit: Joona)

Then the cell arc is removed, the summator attached, and the cables connected. Tests are done to check the resistance of the summator, and thus check for any failed circuits.
An ASTRON engineer fits a Y-polarisation summator. Note the test equipment on the cover nearby. (Photo credit: Joona)

There are two summators per tile, so after the X-polarisation summator is done, the adjacent cell is opened to the done the Y-polarisation. Finally, the covers are all put back, and the anchor lines re-attached to the timber frame sets.

RAL and SGO staff re-secure the cover on one of the tiles. (Photo credit: Joona)

It is tricky work. With so many cables, one must be very careful to ensure that no mistakes are made. We had a system of checking and cross-checking each others work to ensure that the installation was error-free.

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