Friday 22 February 2013

LBA aerials in the snow

Wow! It is Friday again.

This time last week, we were in the midst of preparations for the 2012 DA14 fly-by, and reeling from the news of the spectacular (and sobering!) Chelyabinsk meteor event. It has been a tumultuous time, but the team have risen to the challenge, being first to disassociate the two events, get the initial trajectory for the meteor and make the first rudimentary size estimates. Then, we had a brilliant run on the EISCAT radar allowing us to obtain some high-accuracy data on the asteroid 2012 DA14. To everyone in the team — and all of you who have supported us — well done and thank you!

And, of course, in amongst all of this, our trusty KAIRA facility has continued to record all-sky radio images and pursue the riometry and radio-astronomy work. Operations as per normal, of course!

So, for our photo-Friday, we'll leave the heady world of asteroids and impacts for a moment and insert a series of serene photographs from the Low-Band Antenna (LBA) array at Kilpisjärvi.

Have a nice weekend!

Photos by D. McKay-Bukowski

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