Saturday 18 May 2013

Random photos from Uppsala

Last week we had the EISCAT_3D users meeting in Uppsala, Sweden. It was a very successful meeting.. and not just because of the talks given on KAIRA!

We have a collection of photographs from various times and stages of the conference. And, although the conference photograph has already been posted on the EISCAT_3D web log, we felt we should share half-a-dozen or so (well, okay, 10 then) as a reminder of what was a very successful meeting.

Thanks to Mikko Orispää for submitting lots of excellent photographs too.


The aeroplane to Helsinki at Rovaniemi aerodrome. (Photo: D. McKay-Bukowski)

The lovely scenery in downtown Uppsala. (Photo: M. Orispää)

One of the buildings at the university. The meeting was held next door.
(Photo: D. McKay-Bukowski)

The meeting is formally opened by the director, Craig Heinselman.
(Photo: M. Orispää)

A public fountain. Someone had knitted socks for the cherubs!
(Photo: M. Orispää)

Some of the university buildings. (Photo: M. Orispää)

One of the riometry splinter groups. (Photo: M. Orispää)

Checking out the latest electronics. (Photo: M. Orispää)
The wallpaper on my hotel room wall. Can any chemists tell us what
it's all about? (Photo: D. McKay-Bukowski)

Definitely the best image of the meeting. (Photo: M. Orispää)

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