Monday 13 May 2013

Spectro-polarimetric experiments for remote sensing


Spectro-polarimetric experiments for remote sensing
WG4 Meeting in Helsinki, 19-21 August 2013

Polarised light reflectance measurements are essential to empirically validate physically-based parameterisation, to verify selected theoretical models, to provide ground reference data for the calibration of remote-sensing observations, and to support databases needed for data-analysis techniques. Exploitation of acquired experimental information is a valuable tool in target classification and quantification.

Researchers conducting reflectance measurements or using the measurement data are all invited to attend. The primary focus will be on the polarimetric characterisation of test sites and targets, covering also angular, spatial and spectral aspects. Measurement techniques, modelling, and other use of measurement data will also be discussed, wherever related to polarimetric experiments
The conference organisers stated that some travel support is available and that there is no registration fee.

More details can be found at the conference website:

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