Thursday 16 May 2013

Recent Results on Radar Coding and Priors

Two papers by KAIRA-team have been published in the May issue of Inverse Problems and Imaging:

L. Roininen, P. Piiroinen and M. Lehtinen, Constructing Continuous Stationary Covariances as Limits of the Second-Order Stochastic Difference Equations, Inverse Problems and Imaging 7 611-647 (2013).

L. Roininen and M. S. Lehtinen, Perfect pulse-compression coding via ARMA algorithms and unimodular transfer functions, Inverse Problems and Imaging, 7 649-661  (2013).

The first paper discusses strong-weak convergence of probability measures and a certain class of discretisation-invariant Gaussian Markov random fields. These random fields can be used as a priori distributions in Bayesian statistical inversion. Developed formalism can be used whenever regularisation techniques are needed. We use these priors for ionospheric tomography and radar imaging.

The second paper focuses on a control-theoretic study on amplitude and polyphase radar coding. In collaboration with our MIT colleagues, we are working on actual implementation of these coding methods at Haystack Observatory. The methods will be used operationally in the future EISCAT_3D incoherent scatter radar!

Both papers are open-access!

Inverse Problems and Imaging:

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