Monday 25 November 2013

Finnish EISCAT campaign week

This week, we will run a number of Finnish EISCAT experiments both in mainland and Svalbard. KAIRA will support most of the experiments. Monday-Tuesday Antti Kero will run ionospheric heating campaign titled heatncool. Wednesday-Thursday Lassi Roininen et al. have the TomoScand verification campaign. Alexander Kozlovsky will do measurements up in the islands in Longyearbyen. Anita Aikio et al. will make remote runs from Oulu.

Just to give you a clue of some experiments:

Heatncool - 25 and 26 Nov

To measure the D-region heating and cooling rates in a sub-millisecond resolution by superposing a sufficient number of short heater on/off modulations together. Raw data sampling makes the superposition possible.

TomoScand - 27 and 28 Nov

The objective is to verify the TomoScand ionospheric tomography reconstructions against the EISCAT measurements. 27 Nov mourning, we will point EISCAT mainland VHF to zenith with simultaneous KAIRA measurements allowing bistatic incoherent scatter radar measurements. With UHF we follow the trajectories of flybys of a COSMOS satellite. In order to guarantee transmitter stability, we will use regular EISCAT experiments (beata, bella etc).

28 Nov the measurement setup is similar to 27 Nov, except that we will do a daytime experiment. In addition, ESR Svalbard incoherent scatter radar will point at Az 180 El 78 (nearly field-aligned). This pointing direction is towards the Pan-Nordic TomoScand chains, thus allows good additional information for verification studies!

In addition to EISCAT and KAIRA, we will use Tromsø and Sodankylä ionosondes and GPS measurements (gps data handled by our visiting scientist Melessew Nigussie from Bahir Dar University, Ethiopia).

EISCAT heating control!

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