Monday 7 April 2014

LOFAR Science 2014

This week, is the LOFAR 2014 International Meeting, being held in Amsterdam.It features the LOFAR Users Meeting, the LOFAR Community Science Workshop and a workshop about LOFAR’s first all-sky survey, the Multifrequency Snapshot Sky Survey (MSSS).

KAIRA will feature in the LOFAR Community Science Workshop. This part of the conference is the third annual meeting of the LOFAR science collaboration since the onset of regular LOFAR science operations. These workshops aim to bring together members of the wider collaboration including active members of the Key Science Project teams as well as various EU and international members of the LOFAR user community. This part of the conference will last two full days and  will feature a wide range of talks on technical developments, software enhancements, improvements in calibration and imaging techniques, and of course exciting new scientific results. The workshop program will cover the gamut of the LOFAR science case from cosmology and extragalactic research to Galactic, planetary, and solar system topics.


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