Saturday 1 September 2012

The reindeer problem

At KAIRA, we have a reindeer fence to keep the larger animals from getting in amongst the aerials. Apart from the RF-implications and possible damage to our experiments, we also want to prevent the animals from being hurt, should they get caught in any wires or frames. And we know that they do like visiting, given half a chance!

As we have reported before, a fence has been placed around the entire area. It is a wire mesh, some 2 metres high.

A small section of the reindeer fence. (Photo: A. Jutila)

At the site entrance, there is an even larger gate. Although we haven't featured this since the foundations went in, we can assure you that it is in place and working.

And stay out! A mother and calf are thwarted by the main gate. (Photo: A. Jutila)

So, given all this anti-reindeer security, we remain perplexed as to how the creatures continue to get into the KAIRA area.

Cute is no excuse... you are still on the LBA field! (Photo: A. Jutila)
And it is not just the little ones. Even large reindeer are getting in as well. Given the number of times we have checked the gate, perimeter and all, the only logical conclusion that we can draw is that they are flying in.

But flying reindeer? Really?

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