Saturday 15 June 2013

Formal photograph and dinner

Yes, I know, we're still chipping through the photographs from the official opening! But there are lots of great shots and the various photographers have continued to send them in for display here. We must have over 1000 now!

After the official site opening, and the cake reception and lectures, the staff of SGO and selected guests were invited to a formal dinner at the Biological Research station. The "Bio.Station" is run by the University of Helsinki, has excellent accommodation, and some of the best food of any observatory or field station I've ever been to.

Before dinner, we had a group photograph...

Staff of SGO and guests. (Photo: E. Turunen)

... then we had the food! MMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm. yes, it was every bit as good as we had been looking forward to all day.

After the meal, there were some speeches made by the Rector of Oulu University (Lauri Lajunen) and the Director of SGO (Esa Turunen). As part of these proceedings, there were two special awards made to members of SGO staff for their outstanding contributions to the KAIRA project: one to Markku Lehtinen and the other to Markku Postila.

Then we went back for seconds of food.

And thirds.

And fourths.

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