Thursday 20 June 2013

Winter School 2013, Bahir Dar, Ethiopia

In 14-25 October 2013 SGO and BDU will organise Winter School 2013. The main objective is to design and implement an educational module on mathematical radar theory. The proposed module consists of the following courses:
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  1. Incoherent scatter radar theory
  2. Computational inverse problems
  3. Prior Distributions for Bayesian Inversion with Applications 
  4. Modern riometer techniques for middle-atmosphere research

According to BDU proposal, and time allowing, we also consider:
  • Course content revision of selected courses.
  • Inter-departmental collaboration between Mathematics, Physics and Electrical Engineering departments.
  • Radio science laboratory update.

History of victories: Ethiopia - 1, Finland - 1
BDU has currently a significant number of on-going infrastructure projects in near-space studies, i.e. installation of radars, tomography receivers and riometers. The methodology development for these instruments requires deep understanding of mathematics, physics and engineering. The educational module will bring BDU to the cutting-edge of research!
Student opportunities
Based on winter school course grades, the organisers will provide a possibility for 1 or 2 top-level M.Sc students M.Sc thesis position at Sodankylä Geophysical Observatory spring 2014!
The Winter School is funded by: 
  1. Ministry for Foreign Affairs of Finland: HEI-ICI project - Mathematics & Working Life
  2. Centre for International Mobility CIMO: North-South-South project - East Africa Technomathematics IV

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