Tuesday 12 March 2013

ERIS 2013

Registration for the 2013 European Radio Interferometry School – ERIS 2013 — is now open. This is the Fifth European Radio Interferometry School and it will take place in Dwingeloo (The Netherlands), in the week of 9-13 September 2013.  ERIS will provide a week of lectures and tutorials on how to get scientific results from radio interferometry. Topics covered include:
  • Calibration and imaging of continuum, spectral line, and polarization data
  • Low frequency (LOFAR domain), cm-wave (e-MERLIN domain), decimetre-wave (HI/OH domain), high frequency (ALMA/IRAM domain), and very long baseline interferometry
  • Extracting the information from astronomical data and interpreting the results
  • Choosing the most suitable array and observing plan for your project
A preliminary programme is posted on the ERIS webpage: http://www.astron.nl/eris2013/programme.php

Participants are expected to bring fairly recent Linux or MAC o/s laptops with tens GB disk space. Instructions for installing data reduction packages and downloading data will be provided nearer the time of the event. Most examples will be drawn from m-, cm-, and mm-wave instruments such as LOFAR, WSRT, JVLA, EVN, e-Merlin, and ALMA.

Registration will be open until April 1st 2013, although the conference organisers say that the event is likely to be very popular and that people should register as soon as possible to secure a place. http://www.astron.nl/eris2013/registration.php

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