Tuesday 26 March 2013

VLBI with KAIRA, LOFAR and the LWA

As we write this, KAIRA is carrying out its first VLBI experiment. We are recording 122 beamlets from RCU mode 4 (LBA, but with 30-80 MHz filters). The subband statistics, beamlet statistics and antenna cross-correlation files are being recorded, but it is the raw beamlet data that is significant here, as it can be used to correlate with the other VLBI stations involved. This particular experiment, organised by Olaf Wucknitz, is being done together with LOFAR stations Effelsberg (DE601), Jülich (DE605), Onsala (SE607) and the LWA in the United States. The map shows the location of these sites:

Sites used in this VLBI experiment. (Background map: ESRI/Penn)

Although this is not the first international experiment with KAIRA, it is the first with recorded raw beamlet data and, therefore, our first attempt to get radio interferometric fringes. Although this is a very ambitious project, if we do manage to get this to work it will be a major technical success.


03:26 UTC — In the end, DE605 did not take part. DE601, KAIRA and the LWA reported in okay. No news yet, from SE607.

05:49 UTC — SE607 have now reported it. Their observations went well too.

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