Thursday 21 March 2013

KAIRA presentations at Dalfsen

Just one of the KAIRA talks.
We've now had the Single-Station meeting at Dalfsen, following the Science workshop. The meeting has been extremely well attended, with all the big names in the field present. The fact that several critical meetings have been combined has certainly helped. There is the science workshop, the board meeting, the single-station meeting and the International LOFAR technical operations meeting).

The KAIRA project has also been well-represented at the meeting. In total, there have been five KAIRA presentations made so far, with one more scheduled for tomorrow. They include:

— Scintillation Studies: Updates and New Perspectives
— KAIRA Construction and Commissioning,
— RCU 357 mode observations
— KAIRA Riometry and Incoherent Scatter Radar
— KAIRA outreach
— KAIRA station operations update

It's not over yet (we have the International LOFAR Telescope Technical Operations meeting in the morning), but so far it has been a highly productive meeting with lots of new and interesting science, engineering and ideas!

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