Monday 25 March 2013

European Space Expo: June 2013, Ireland

We have been advised by our I-LOFAR colleagues that the European Space Expo will visit Dublin and Cork in Ireland in June 2013. This is a spectacular travelling exhibit that shows how space and its applications provide benefits to Europe. There will be lots of exciting activities surrounding the Space Expo visit, including space-related workshops for kids, an Irish space industry event, public talks, and lots more.

The Space Expo highlights the critical role of space and space-based technologies to Europe. In Ireland, there is an active space science and astronomy research community who have worked with the European Space Agency for many decades. What’s more, there are now over 40 Irish companies working with ESA on everything from telecommunications, to materials, to remote sensing of our oceans.

Of course, this will be a fantastic opportunity for I-LOFAR to raise awareness of their project and garner more support.

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