Saturday 27 April 2013

HBA repairs

The covers on the HBA are a thick UV-resistant plastic. They are secured using elastic going to screws into the timber of the framesets. Due to snow loading, wind stretching and other factors causing shift, these covers need tightening.

As the winter snow starts to recede, we are seeing instances of this stretching and the occasional loose elastic. Especially on tiles H65 and H75.

Loose HBA covers.

This particular elastic has come off completely!

As part of the servicing, we will be tightening all the connections. One advantage of the connection to timber framesets, is that this is relatively strightforward to do.

We hope that with time we can build up a better understanding of the effect, so that we can apply the knowledge to the EISCAT_3D project.

Photos by T. Iinatti.

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