Monday 22 April 2013

Not much skiing left...

Although others may beg to disagree, in my opinion Winter is the best time of year: long nights, short days, decent temperature and plenty of snow. Having inherited a pair of metsäsukset (Finnish forest skis, 2.6m long) I've been making the most of the season. Although used to downhill skiing from my days in Bayern, it is still great fun and lots of good exercise to glide through the trees on the way to/from work.

But spring is now upon us and even in the few days since the above photograph was taken the snow has started to melt and the roads are now (mostly) clear. The blanket of snow in the forest will remain for a while yet, but logs and bracken are starting to poke their way through the white and the river is certainly not safe to traverse now.

Thus, for this season, the Ski Patrol will have to soon call it quits.


PS: Of course, with my skiing skills, I am instantly reminded of one of my previous skiing trips and a most memorable skiing quote that followed (bonus points if you know the reference!): 
                                             -- Ib Halfheart

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