Tuesday 30 April 2013

Dismantling the winter-test aerials

During the past year, we've had three aerials out in the swamp to the north-northwest of the arrays. The original plan was to put the LBA array there, but the ground turned out to be too unstable and too difficult to work. That led to our current arrangement... which is working very well!

However, there were still the three test aerials there, and they were left for the dead of winter.

However, we have now dismantled them and have recovered the components.

Brining in the aerials. (Photo: T. Iinatti)
To fetch them, this meant going out there with the snow-mobile and snow-trailer and then digging them out. Although this sounds pretty arduous, it is better than dealing with the swamp and the clouds of mosquitoes in the summer!

The swamp field is now completely clear of all equipment.

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