Wednesday 24 April 2013

Snow levels at KAIRA

Last week, a small expedition was sent out to the KAIRA station to carry out some maintenance work and to do the first post-winter check. We'll be posting up some of the photographs over the next couple of days.

First up, there is the general site conditions. Over the winter there was relatively little snow. The maximum depth only reached 80 cm, which is considerably down on the typical average (95cm).

Looking along the side access towards the cabins.

The snow corridor between the HBA tiles.

Along the edge of the HBA.

Snow depth in the HBA `snow corridors' is considerably deeper than the general average due to the fact that blown snow from the top of the array accumulates there. In these places, depths ranged from 120 to 190 cm.

All photographs were taken on 17-Apr-2013 by T. Iinatti.

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