Wednesday 23 October 2013

Bahir Dar winter school 2013

Currently, four members of the KAIRA/SGO team are in Bahir Dar, Ethiopia, for the winter school 2013. The objective of the school is to design an educational module on mathematical radar theory for Bahir Dar University. SGO has a long history with BDU, including the fact that the BDU rector Baylie Damtie has done his PhD in SGO team about EISCAT data analysis.

A number of big radar and other infrastructure projects are going on in Bahir Dar. For example US Air Force will install a VHF coherent backscatter radar in January 2014. Bahir Dar is an ideal place for Equatorial studies, as it is located at the geomagnetic Equator.

More info on the school at  School photos below by Mikko Orispää.

Lassi talking about priors.

Abiyot et al.

Computer class

Antti giving introduction to space physics.

Markku asking questions about basic signal processing theorems.

Endalkachew and Markku talking radar problems.

Group photo taken after the Ethiopia-Finland football match. Final score 4-2, all-time score 2-1 for Ethiopia.

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