Wednesday 2 October 2013

Riometric beams

When we talk about riometry, there are several different varieties. Obviously, there is single-beam, integrated all-sky riometry ("old school"), but the modern variety makes positionally resolved measurements by putting multiple "beams" on the sky.

KAIRA has been doing this now for quite a while, in addition to some single-beam work and new advanced techniques that are now being developed. However, to get an idea "where" on the sky these beams are, today we are featuring an all-sky image from earlier this year, with the beam centres superimposed over it.

Note that the beam "circles" are not to any scale. Also, the large loop is not a single beam, but rather the path that the "Cas A beam" follows as Cas A tracks across the sky. The slight discrepancy in the Cas A source and beam position is due to the fact that the displayed data is not calibrated.

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