Sunday 23 March 2014

The last sweet

In August 2013, we attended the EISCAT symposium in the United Kingdom. At the conference we were all issued with a tin of "rock"... a type of British sweet or candy, where a design is run through the sweet using pulled sugar.

In this case the design was "EISCAT 2013".

Well, I've finally (almost) finished that tin of sweets.

The last one!

Of course the tin was accompanied by a bag of about 500 others, so it was quite a challenge. I suspect I've now got some form of Type-43 Diabetes too.

We had considered posting the sweets back to Mike Kosch (the coference organiser). We'd send them one at a time. One each week. After week. After week.

But no... we just ate them all.

(Hmm... however, I wonder if the other bag of 500 sweets is still around. When I last heard it was in Tromsö, Norway.)

In any case, I guess it really is 2014 now.

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