Wednesday 12 March 2014

KAIRA storm damage repairs - Day 1

A three-person SGO team travelled up to Kilpisjärvi today. They have investigated the storm damages as well as the protection cover constructed by local craftsmen on Monday. The cover is of good quality and seems to protect the HBA field fully, despite we have one HBA tile totally destroyed. 

The LBA field has been damaged during the storm. We suspect that this is due to the HBA debris which has flown through the LBA field. Altogether around 8 antennas require different levels of maintenance. One antenna is flat-lining!

Below are a set of photos from the Day 1 of the SGO team damage inspection and emergency repair expedition! The weather is continuing to be challenging in Kilpisjärvi! Despite of that, our courageous team is doing their best with the repairs! 

Good work chaps! … and good luck for Thursday!

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