Wednesday 26 March 2014

Radio bright sun -- Part 2

Yesterday we showed some KAIRA data of a very active sun. It was so bright that it easily outshone Cas A and Cyg A. Given this, we surmised it should be possible to see the solar signal with a single dipole.

Sure enough, that was the case.

The following plot shows the subband statistics for a single antenna (LBA aerial #45, Y-polarisation).

The vertical axis is frequency, shown as both the subband number (left-hand side) and frequency in MHz (right-hand side). The broad band of noise between 8 and 25 MHz (approx.) are the sum of countless shortwave radio transmissions. Below 8 MHz and about 80 MHz, there is little signal due to the LOFAR RFI suppression filters and the weaker amplifier and aerial responses.

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