Saturday 15 March 2014

System status

Following the storm and the repair work, we carried out remote system checks for the bandpasses for all antennas. Here are the results, starting with the High-Band Antenna (HBA) array:

As seen, RCUs 80 and 81 (= tile #H75) remain dead. These are the two channels from this destroyed tile.

Here is the Low-Band Antenna (LBA) array results:

Here you can see RCUs 68 and 69 (= aerial #34) remain dead. This aerial was destroyed and we have not even found the remains of it! Following repairs, there remain two other damaged signal channels. These are RCU 11 (= aerial #L05, Y-polarisation) and RCU 42 (= aerial #L21, X-polarisation). These two aerials have suffered broken wires and are thus impared in this polarisation. Temporary repairs have been effected, but more work remains to be done.

However, in total, we only have lost 6 out of 192 signal channels. Throughout the storm and the repair work, KAIRA has continued to observe our riometry and interferometry programmes. That's pretty good.

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