Sunday 6 July 2014

Deep-dish pizza

Na ja... it's Sunday and there's not much to report on the weblog. Well, not unless you include pizza! This is a common feature at the observatory, and the one in today's photograph was made from scratch as follows:


  • plain white flour (the rest of the packet, probably 1/2 kg)
  • dried yeast (one sachet's worth)
  • water (until it was doughy enough)
  • pinch of salt (probably been in the cupboard since 2009)
  • a few drops of olive oil (from the Nov'2013 campaigns)


  • tomato paste out of a tiny little tin
  • mushrooms, also from a tin
  • the left over scrap of a bell pepper
  • a few dices of peaches (the rest was for dessert)
  • sliced reindeer (like what you'd put on sandwiches)
  • dried parsley (it was fresh, but someone didn't water it)
  • dried oregano (bought already dried... out of a sachet)
  • some random spice whose name I couldn't translate
  • cheese, just standard Finnish cheese.

It was pretty deep, as I had a lot of dough, so I gave it some more olive oil, which it soaked up and made it pretty tasty. The whole thing was allowed to rise first and then the topping was added and baked in a glass over dish for 40 minutes or so on some pretty hot setting.

Self-made observatory pizza!

In any case, it turned out well and was very tasty!

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