Thursday 31 July 2014

Trends 2014 - completed

Trends 2014 meeting was successfully completed. A number of topics were covered. For me personally, the most interesting new information was that the trends affect the space debris population. Hence, we need to follow the foF2 and hmF2 trends... and of course EISCAT and EISCAT_3D space debris measurements are important in this business! Also, bit of Ethiopia news: American colleagues will install two Fabry-Perot interferometers to Ethiopia during the coming autumn!

I presented my own stuff today and talked about dynamic linear models and estimation of time-varying hmF2 trend of the Sodankylä ionosonde data (see Figure below).

Hence, time to travel up to Sodankylä, ETA Friday evening 23 LT! (stopping at London for Th-Fr night)
hmF2 dynamic trend for Sodankylä 1957-2014.

... and presenting my stuff! (photo: Erkki Kyrölä, FMI)

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