Tuesday 10 December 2013

Inverse Days: Thematic day on geospace and atmospheric research

Today is the first day of the Inverse Days, an annual event of the Finnish Inverse Problems Society.  The 19th Inverse Days 2013 comprises of two events:
  1. Thematic day on geospace and atmospheric research in Sodankylä 10th Dec.
  2. Traditional Inverse Days in Inari 11th-13th Dec.
This year's event is characterised by extreme temperature variations between -40 and +3 degrees Celsius. We have had at least one recorded car engine breakdown due to extreme cold. Another maybe also (some smoke coming from the engine)... Anyway, after extreme cold, we will head to plus degrees, which typically results plumbing problems in urban areas! However scientific programme will continue as scheduled!

For more info on the Inverse Days, please visit the event website!
Saariselkä plateau, which we will pass on Tuesday!

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