Monday 23 December 2013

Manx-arrays revisited

Yes, it is Monday again and time for something a bit technical to kick us into the new working week.

A few weeks back we had a posting about the so-called "manx-array" layout for baseline distributions. Well, our colleague Björn Gustavsson (UiT) has provided today's figure. He points out another interesting fact about the manx-array, namely that it is possible to cascade it into a fractal Cantor-dust type configuration -- which gives fairly nice base-line distributions too!

Cascading manx-arrays. (Image: B. Gustavsson)

In the diagram, the antenna locations are on the left-hand graphs, and the uv-coverage (or baseline-distribution) is on the corresponding right-hand side graph.

Exercise for the reader... are there any redundant arrays? And, is there a cascade ratio that is optimal for an infinite distribution?

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