Monday 2 December 2013

SFIR coverage

Hmm... data Monday again. Where did that weekend just go?

We had some visitors from Linz, Austria visit the KAIRA site on Friday. It was great to show them around as they asked lots of interesting questions (and I had a great chance to practice my now-very-rusty Deutsch). Most of the questions were about the imaging, which I've shown countless times on this weblog.

However, there was one screen which went uncommented...

Imaging coverage (Image: D. McKay-Bukowski)
This screen uses old-fashioned ASCII-art to show the coverage of one of our imaging riometry projects (SFIR). The lines refer to the day of the observation (e.g. 20130920 = 20-Jul-2013) and the columns are the hours of the day.

Then, for each position, there is a number from 0 to 9, or a blank or a hash (#). The blanks are where no data has yet been processed. The has shows the hours for which complete processing has occurred. The others show a fraction where 0 = 0-9%, 1 = 10-19%, 2 = 20-29% up to 9 = 90-99%.

As the processing continues, this chart will slowly fill up. However, with huge transforms, massive data sets and a lot of time, this will still take some four to five weeks of processing time on one of the powerful KAIRA computers.

However, it is nice to still see old-fashioned ASCII displays. Reminds me of the old days...

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