Saturday 14 December 2013

It must have been a good conference...

Here at the KAIRA web log editorial offices (sic) we've been doing a reasonably good job of keeping up the daily posting of articles, photographs, news and videos. It is a lot of work, but we've always managed to keep on top of it.

However, these last few days, we've slipped behind and there has now been a couple of days where nothing was posted. In fact, for the first time in ages, we've even missed our Friday Photograph.   :-(

Well, to be fair, this can only be attributed to the excellent Inverse Days 2013 conference in Inari, Finland... organised by none other than KAIRA's regular contributor: Lassi Roininen.

We'll get back to our regular posts again tomorrow (including photographs from the conference itself!). And next week we have a brilliant article lined up, with loads of photographs and a very mysterious story behind it.

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