Sunday 8 December 2013

Winter lights in Oulu

At this time of the year,like most places, cities and town put up lights to celebrate the round of winter festivals. Oulu is no exception.

Last week, a small group of staff from SGO went down to the university there for meetings and to sort of various administrational matters. Today's photograph is from the city centre, a shot taken during that trip.

Oulu city centre

One of the notable moments of the trip, though, was the pseudo-earthquake that ripped through the city during the mid-evening. Around 21:00, there was an incredible noise, combined with a complete shaking of the building that we were in.

We were told shortly after that this was subterranean blasting work, as the city is building an underground carpark. Still, it was quite something to feel the shockwaves of the blast.

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