Friday 6 May 2011

Construction plans — Part 5

With the cabling run out, the next stage is to install the internal electronics within the RF-container. Within it there are four, full-height 482.6mm (19") rack frames. The sub-rack assemblies go into the first three of these and the fourth is for the control computers, clocks and networking. Once the sub-rack assemblies are in place, they can be cabled up with the white signal cables that come from the back of the patch panels.

In addition to this, site clean-up and storage will be done. This means 'dressing' the site, securing all items, packing up equipment and recycling waste. The site is then cleared and we are ready for winter.

Over winter 2011-2012, the first tests between KAIRA and the VHF transmitter at Tromsø will be carried out. And then, in the following year, the LBA will be deployed and the data connection made back to the supercomputer in Groningen.

But that's another story.

So ends our mini-series on what is planned for the summer installation... and the action starts NEXT WEEK!

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