Monday 30 May 2011

Destroying LOFAR — The last cell

'The year is 2011 C.E. All of the raised test-tile has succumbed to snow loading. All? Not quite! The indomitable Cell-#0 held out, as strong as ever...'

When the test tile collapsed, every cell in the tile was affected in some way. Either the wall collapsed, the innards were crushed, or the polystyrene was either bent or fractured. However, there was one exception.

This was Cell #0, which was located in the opposite far right corner from the location where the snow was being dumped. When we dismantled the tile, it turned out that both the cell walls and cell contents survived unaffected.

As a result, we carefully removed this unit, packed it, and transported it back to SGO. There is can be used as a reference and test cell.

The only cell to remain intact... just before being loaded into the van.

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