Tuesday 10 May 2011

First impression of the test tiles' condition

Well, the first inspection of the winter test tiles has been completed and, even though we had always been confident, we are very impressed with their condition. There is no visible damage, shift or displacement on either tile.

In almost all the cases, the anchor lines were clear of ice and they are also intact. There is some drift snow still piled up on the north side of the raised tile, but the perimeter of all of the other sides are clear, due to the warming on the tile heating the surrounding area.

We have also started taking measurements and a lot of detailed photographs. More about this will be posted over the next few days. This afternoon, we will be opening the tiles up to do the internal inspections.

Thankfully we have the most amazing weather here. It is a crisp day, with minimal breeze and a temperature hovering around –2 C or so. Absolutely perfect.

More later....

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