Thursday 12 May 2011

Destroying LOFAR — Load #6

Did we say were were getting serious last time? Hmm... that was nothing.

This time we threw on 1400kg of snow taking the total well beyond the five-tonne mark. This was the heaviest load yet applied, and it came down hard on the tile. However, as you can see, the tile held up just fine.

Just for reference, the frameset is 1.0 metres high and the tile itself is about 0.5 metres or so. The summit of our snow mountain was about 1.5 metres high at this point — some 3 metres off the ground. It was certainly impressive to see.

Load   Mass    Total
#1 400kg 400kg
#2 550kg 950kg
#3 950kg 1900kg
#4 1050kg 2950kg
#5 850kg 3800kg
#6 1400kg 5200kg

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